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Social media marketing

Reach? Engagement? Bring it on! Our Multi-Channeled Social Media Marketing services are the best. We put the client first, think about their needs and strategize accordingly.

Content creation

Our graphic designers are well-versed in contemporary global industry standards and works alongside the client to produce well-communicative marketing designs which serve as great content!


Great copies can win over any audience! Guess what? Our copywriters are good at doing just that!

Researched ads

Great ads come from great researches, we don’t just set your ads, we research to find the best KPIs to ensure maximum ROI!

Web development & Maintenance

Create beautiful, interactive websites through us that gives your customer’s the most friendly user experience. Our web developers are adept to create the most effective website for your business.

Identity creation

We create an identity for your business which not only encompasses your logo, but every little aspect that makes your business great: from the beams to the nails. We design your business.

Marketing Strategy Development

Whether it be a launching campaign or an awareness campaign; our expert strategist can tailor the best marketing activities within your budget which our team can then help you to execute!

AV production

Our in-house studio Lumiere has all the expertise and creativity to pull off your next viral social media video!

PPC Marketing

We help our client market with Google Adsense and Bing ads! We also help set Youtube clients with maximum ROI!

Interior Decoration

Our interior decor wing, Nokshal is comprised of talented architects from BUET who can provide you with aesthetic, customer-centric interior at industry leading rates!